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                                            04/02/02 6:26pm
     DISCONNECTION 3 - Outlook and Outlook Express

     So far quite a number of our 'disconnection' problems have
resulted from the end customer having their Microsoft Outlook or
Outlook Express set to disconnect after sending or receiving e-mail.
Every time they would read or send mail the modem would unhook them!

     Inside your Outlook/Express go to Tools -> Options -> Mail
Delivery/Connections and turn off "hangup after sending or receiving


     Windows Millenium edition has an extra window in its dialup
networking called DIALING.  There are two settings at the bottom of
that window that are set by default to drop the line should they
become 'approximately idle' or 'possibly not needed'.  This is
completely different than the original 'Disconnect if idle for more
than X minutes' setting in the same area.  Turning off these two items
has eliminated random hangups for at least one customer.

     Go to MY COMPUTER -> DIALUP NETWORKING -> Hit the lightlink icon
with the RIGHT BUTTON ONCE -> hit on PROPERTIES with left button.  ->
GENERAL -> CONFIGURE -> CONNECTION -> Turn off Disconnect if idle for
more than X minutes.  Hit OK -> DIALING -> Turn off 'Enable idle
Disconnect' and 'Disconnect when connection may not be needed.'