For example: [email protected]

                                            ART MATRIX - LIGHTLINK
                                            PO 880 Ithaca, NY 14851-0880
                                            (607) 277-0959      Voice
                                            (607) 277-8913      Fax
                                            [email protected]   E-mail
02/21/02 Thursday 11:00am EST  Starting Jan. 1, prices will increase.
This file:
     Thank you for contacting Lightlink Internet about high speed
internet access at Fairview Square.  Lightlink has a T3 backbone at
Fairview, and ethernet is available to all townhose apartments but not
the high rise.

     Pricing is payable by the semester only.  Basic connection is per
apartment for any number of machines or simultaneous users, this
includes any number of dynamically assigned IP addresses, and access
to Lightlink news servers, but not e-mail, web page space nor dialup.

     House visit/Install           $30.00 per visit if necessary.
     Basic connection              $200.00/semester, $135.00/summer
     Bandwidth charges             5 gig free per month
                                   $10/gig above that.
     Check bandwidth usage at
     Smtp Server         
     News Server         

     Most apartments have a small ethernet hub, either in the Kitchen
or in one of the upstairs bed rooms.  Make sure it is plugged in to
the wall socket and that at least one of the green lights is on.

     There are ethernet jacks already in most apartments.  Your pc or
laptop will need a properly installed ethernet card.  Plug your
ethernet cable into the wall and turn on your pc.  Another green light
should come on in the hub.
     Windows users go to My Computer -> Control Panels -> Network and
click on the line that says 'TCP/IP' or 'TCP/IP -> Your Ethernet
card.' Click on the 'IP Address' tab and then click on 'IP address
will be assigned automatically'.  Then reboot your system.  Fire up IE
or Netscape and your machine should work.

     Mac users go to the Apple -> Control Panels -> TCP/IP.  Set the
menus to
     Connect to: Ethernet Builtin.
     Configure:  Using DHCP Server

     Save your work and reboot.  Fire up IE or Netscape and your
machine should work.

     You will need to use your cornell settings for e-mail, you can
get these at the Cornell help desk.  The cornell outgoing mail server
is  If this does not work use