For example: [email protected]

12/08/02 Sunday 12:15pm EST

    Emergency down tonight at 6pm to replace UPS on core routers.
10/21/02 Monday 12:20pm EST

     Elmira link is presently having serious problems.
EMI is aware of it and on the job

10/04/02 Friday 10:12pm EST

     Web server will be offline for a short while on Saturday during
the afternoon to add more disk space.

    minipop server was buggy, all fixed, mail should work again now.
09/27/02 Friday 12:10pm EST

     Most services will be off line Sunday 12pm for 1 to hours while
we upgrade the tables the servers sit on.

09/21/02 Saturday 2:10pm EST

    Light, adore and majesty taken down to upgrade resolver libc's.
09/16/02 Monday 7:14pm EST

     Mail taken down per system bulletin to increase mail and spam
partitions to 4.5 Gigs each.
09/14/02 Saturday 9:04pm EST

     Mail and news offline at 12pm to replace tables.   Went smoothly.

     smtp server taken down this evening to replace dying ethernet card.
09/13/02 Friday 5:20pm EST

     Outgoing mail server losing its ethernet card, will be fixed
tonight at 6pm.

     Saturday and Sunday starting at 12pm, all systems will be moved
to new tables, expect prolonged downs of various systems during the

09/06/02 Friday 9:55pm EST

     Mail and news will be offline for a while somewhere during
Saturday afternoon while we replace the tables that hold them.

09/04/02 Wednesday 8:13pm EST

    Mail server mx taken down at 8pm to increase memory to 512megs.

08/31/02 Saturday 1:42pm EST

     Gem taken down to add more memory, up to 768K.  Mailing lists,
and User Maintenance gateway were off line during the upgrade.
08/14/02 Saturday 1:34pm EST
     Ithaca Dialup users with static IPs should change their IP's from
205.232.34.x to 209.177.24.x.  Default gateway is, DNS
name servers remain the same.  If you set your dialup to server
assigned IP number, our system will automatically give you the right