For example: [email protected]

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                                            [email protected]   E-mail
                                            08/01/00 9:00pm

     This menu allows you to set a small autoresponder that will reply
to each piece of mail that comes into your mailbox with a short
message of your choosing.

     It only works for mail stored on, it does not
work for shell account mail, nor for free minipops.

     It only replies once a week to the same person, and it is smart
enough not to reply to mailing lists.

     If you wish to turn on the vacation message, click on ENABLE and
enter the message you want sent in the text area.  Anywhere you put
$SUBJECT, the subject line of the incoming mail that is being
responded to, will be inserted.  You don't really need this, but its
there to use if you want it.

     Make sure NOT to remove the top Subject: line, as this will be
the subject line that the receiver will see.

     Also make sure to hit the carriage return at the end of each
line, do not just type across the end of the window and let it wrap
for you, it will come out as one long line in the final e-mail.

     When you are done, hit the Submit button.  You will be given
an opportunity to verify that the settings have been changed.
     When you come back from your vacation, come back to this menu and
click on DISABLE and hit the submit button, and the vacation message
will be disabled.  The actual vacation message will remain in your
home directory in case you want to use it again, but it won't be
active until you next hit the ENABLE button and submit it.

     Make sure to test your vacation message if possible once you have
made it active.  You CAN NOT test it from your own mail account
because the vacation program is smart enough to not send vacation
messages to your own account!  So test it from a friend's account.
Just send mail to yourself, and see if you get back the expected
     For those of you savvy enough to know what a .forward file is,
the vacation program inserts a single line into your .forward file.
It is smart enough to not destroy your .forward file when you turn it
on and off.